Lenovo P500 CPU Update!

I’ve never used a engineering sample Xeon CPU, and asking around almost everyone said there wont be any issues.

So I snagged one on ebay for $99!

For now i just threw in a cheap Pci-e video card and hard drive.

I did order 2 x 16gig DDR4 ecc Samsung ram sticks for this build. I might even order two more for it! Price for the sticks was $150.00 and worth it imo..

Lenovo P500 Monster Xeon Workstation!!

Have I told anyone that I love browsing eBay for deals ? I sure do !

Came across a Lenovo P500 barebones workstation, needed Cpu Ram Video card and Hard drive. But it could be a slow project to build up as I scour ebay for the items I want to use!

Big horns !

Finally building one of my speakers that I’ve been wanting to build.. teaser pic’s ! Details to come!

Lenovo P51 is now my mint machine !

99.8% switched ! Just have to figure out why the laptop in linux doesn’t like 5gig wireless. Probably some kinda driver or hidden setting in a config file..

Drink some coffee, do some updates. Install my most used software and configure email ! On a Sunday morning !

Switch to linux ?

Well, almost. For the past week I have forced my self to try some linux flavours. So far linux mint 19.1 is whats really sticking!

Network cabinet installed!

Its messy! But i had limited time. 1 hour window as the wife and kid went out shopping. Perfect tile to turn everything off and move it up into the cabinet..

I kist say it went smoothly! No issues and all up and functional now. Next step is to get it cleaned up, wire in the 12v fans and install new fans in this stupid annoying USG-Pro-4.. frustrating how a company can sell this unit for 400+$ and put 1$ cheap crappy fans inside!

Got USB sticks ?

Little side project for my self! Well actually a tool that I have been wanting to do for a long time.. at work i keep shuffling usb sticks for bootable os’s creating boot sticks etc etc!

Amazon 10 x 8Gig usb 2.0 sticks for me ! Now to make a pile of bootable install sticks of different os’s that I commonly install!

Unifi Monitoring !

I bought this 7″ touch lcd last year for this exact purpose, and its been working perfectly..

I mounted it into a piece of cardboard to see what it would look like with a frame. Now to get a cnc’d black small plastic frame. And after that i’ll show a new idea! Hint ” rack cabinet !

Oh and I installed the new controller software and enabled dark theme 🙂 looks so much better now. 5.10.12