Playing with Pfsense

I bought this little Mini PC on for $140 to learn pfsense more, I had a spare pair of 4 gig DDR3 memory sticks for it & a m.sata 256gig SSD. So I threw them into this unit and started the journey !

Now let’s learn some IpSec VPN tunneling 🙂

Back doing more Audio!

I think I went lazy for a bit there with my blog posts? Sorry guys !

So back to posting and doing hobby stuff.! Id have to be honest, I’ve been spending lots of time in eagle cad, and learning thermal designing.

Currently I’m working on a SMD amplifier deisngn that uses 24x IRF630 fets in smd format. The goal is to build a small class a 80 watt amplifier using all smd devices. The hard part ? Learning and researching and testing board designs that work with removing heat from the fet.

In this pic below there are a few ways to do this. The top one i discovered after i ordered my test pcb from jlcpcb. Oh well its 12$ for a test that might work or won’t work. The good thing ? Smd parts arw easy to remove and re-use..

Lenovo P500 CPU Update!

I’ve never used a engineering sample Xeon CPU, and asking around almost everyone said there wont be any issues.

So I snagged one on ebay for $99!

For now i just threw in a cheap Pci-e video card and hard drive.

I did order 2 x 16gig DDR4 ecc Samsung ram sticks for this build. I might even order two more for it! Price for the sticks was $150.00 and worth it IMO..

Lenovo P500 Monster Xeon Workstation!!

Have I told anyone that I love browsing eBay for deals ? I sure do !

Came across a Lenovo P500 barebones workstation, needed Cpu Ram Video card and Hard drive. But it could be a slow project to build up as I scour ebay for the items I want to use!

Lenovo P51 is now my mint machine !

99.8% switched ! Just have to figure out why the laptop in linux doesn’t like 5gig wireless. Probably some kinda driver or hidden setting in a config file..

Drink some coffee, do some updates. Install my most used software and configure email ! On a Sunday morning !

Network cabinet installed!

Its messy! But i had limited time. 1 hour window as the wife and kid went out shopping. Perfect tile to turn everything off and move it up into the cabinet..

I kist say it went smoothly! No issues and all up and functional now. Next step is to get it cleaned up, wire in the 12v fans and install new fans in this stupid annoying USG-Pro-4.. frustrating how a company can sell this unit for 400+$ and put 1$ cheap crappy fans inside!