Back to Untangle !

Well, I went back to Untangle, just can’t find any firewall on the market that I like. Been using Untangle for over 10 years now !

Picked up a Brand new Hp Dl20 Gen 10 box, with a Xeon 2224 with 16 gigs ram. At first the machine hated the m.2 slot, it ran fine had no issues but the fans would not ramp down, because not “100%” supported hp m.2 card.

So I ditched the m.2 and bought a pair of 256gig SATA drives ( cheap Samsung’s ) Installed them in Raid1 and off we go !

Id have to say, installing the AMSD driver on Debian10 was tricky but I got it working and installed & running.

So far the box is running stable & quiet, the odd Fan ramp up but its ok.

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