Jean Hiraga & MJE outputs !

Over the last few weeks I have been working on my Jean Hiraga amps, these are not the final boards but boards that work that allow me to do testing with.

First test was with a regulated front end circuit, this is done by removing the 2 22v zener diodes on the board, and installing a off board regulator circuit. The regulator circuit uses IRFP9610 / IRFP610’s, they do a very good job, and soon I should have my newet regulator boards using all SMD components, more on that later!

Next test is changing the output’s from 2SC2922/ 2SA1216 to MJE21196/96’s.Doing this change allowed me to test better outputs that are more common and easier to get, although the 24 BJT’s that i just got are obsolete now, and newer versions are out BUT hey, I got 24 free ones from a close friends so I will use them 🙂

Little hint, I’m currently working on a Full “SMD” version of this amp, since power resistors now’a days are quite capable of dissipating current in a SMD package, I am going to do it!

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