SSR Project.

Been working on this project for a few months now, just about to order the pcb. After months of working on this, I have come to the conclusion that it’s much easier and less hair loss when doing pcb designs.

However, to accomplish this near perfect “test” pcb, you need to make sure all pin out’s on the pcb for the components are proper IE ECB or GDS are all accurate and point to pint ! :p Let’s not go down that rabbit hole and explain what happens when you don’t 😛

Whats a “SSR” ? SSR stand’s for Solid State Relay, these are not anything new BUT starting to become really popular in amplifier designs instead of using relays. SSR’s are much faster & don’t wear out!

Picture of my schematic !

Here is a picture of my first Printed 1:1 on paper to make sure all the pins align & look correct for spacing !

And a picture of it in 3D mode from Kicad !

Hopefully next week I get a chance to order the pcb’s and start testing and making sure everything works !

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