Testing Aleph Turbo SMD version 1.2

After months and months of testing my Aleph Turbo Class “A” amplifier. Went through a few revisions and test setups. No smoke on any of them BUT I did have a few mistakes on the layout’s & wrong SMD pad sizes, live and learn.

One thing learning about SMD pcb designing is its harder to do. Why ? With through hole you can use top and bottom of the through hole parts to route traces, but with SMD you have to use via’s and place them in certain spots for them to not cause issues.

Picture of one Aleph turbo SMD running, at 45V rails I’m achieving 80watts RMS into 8 ohms. Does it make heat ? “SURE DOES”

In this next picture we can see that I’m running the amplifier under load, not full load but just a easy test load.

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